Juan Bautista

Juan Bautista is currently the Executive Chef at Sun City Palm Desert, where he oversees all of the food that is prepared and provided for their banquets, weddings, restaurants and private parties.

Juan got his start in the kitchen as a dishwasher and prep cook, more than 20 years ago.  He later attended College of the Desert where he went through the culinary program.  He plans to complete additional units in the future and receive his associate degree in culinary arts.   

“From the moment I stepped into the kitchen, I knew that this would become my life and career,” Juan said.  “The passion I have for cooking is displayed in the food I cook.”

To help with his educational expenses at College of the Desert, Juan received a variety of financial aid, including scholarships. 

“Without financial aid, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for my college classes and I wouldn’t have had such a successful career,” Juan said.

Juan learned about finanical aid simply by visiting the Financial Aid office on campus, and asking what programs were avaiabable to help.  From there, he met with a counselor and completed his applications. 

“I would tell other students that the help is there – it’s as simple as that,” Juan said.  “All they need to do is walk in and get the information.”

In addition to the culinary program at College of the Desert, and his many years of hands-on experience, Juan also had the opportunity to further his education at a culinary program in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was also apprentice to some of Boston’s most talented chefs. 

“It is a very busy lifestyle and one that I love,” Juan said. “Thanks to my livelihood, my wife and three adoring children, my life is good.”